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  EstablishmentOct., 2002

  Land Area10,000㎡

  Building Area8,608㎡

  Registered Capital$4 million

  Business TypeJapanese-owned 

  enterprises Nakajima Electric Corporation 60% 
  Bessho Cable and Wire Assembly Co., Ltd. 40%

  EmployeeTotal 298 staff

 Include 42 management 

  Main Product
  Harness for construction 

  machinery and special vehicles

Address  :  #72,Beicang Village, Liangjiadian Town,Free-trade Zone, Dalian, China.

City Area  : Around13,238 sq.km

Population : Around 7million

Average Temperature   : 11℃

Location:In Liangjiadian Industry Zone, about 60km northeast from Dalian city.

Why we are here:This district could provide very stable workforce which helps us keep high product quality.

Landed Area:10,000㎡ Building Area:8,608㎡